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Suicide Prevention

You matter

At times it is hard to believe that we are seen…especially when we are depressed or anxious. At times it is hard to believe that YOU are important. I’m not talking about the kind of important that puts you above someone else. It’s the kind of important that says: YOU REALLY MATTER!

There are millions of people in the world, but not one of them can be you!

We ABSOLUTELY want you to know that there is support. You are NEVER EVER alone. It might feel that way at times but always remember there is someone out there. It just might take a bit of time to find that person. It might be someone you know or someone on a crisis line.

If your family doesn’t understand or it doesn’t feel safe to talk to them, then reach out to an adult that feels safe to you, i.e. a teacher, counselor. Or maybe you have a friend that has a safe adult in their lives that they can turn you onto. Keep reaching out until you find someone to talk to.