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How You Can Support BTSNM


As a donor, you will help empower the lives of teens, youth and adults who are facing mental health challenges or are thinking of suicide. Your sponsorship directly supports our research-based programs that promote mental health in schools and the community:

  •  Highly effective research based “Talking Mental Health” curriculum to upper elementary, middle and high school students around New Mexico.
  •  Essential Professional Development for school staff about teen mental health and suicide.
  • Critical Community Forums on teen mental health and suicide for parents and the general public to learn and share their experiences and expertise.
  • Dynamic art classes for adults with mental illness, encouraging creative self-expression and sharing who they are in an annual art exhibition.


A sponsorship is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to partner with Breaking the Silence New Mexico to empower and support those facing the challenges of mental illness. Throughout the year, we will share the impact of your commitment to to create a safer, more compassionate community by breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide. 

Here’s what your sponsorship will do:

$5,000 provides 40 sessions of two “Talking Mental Health” lessons to 20 classrooms – minimum of 400 students!

$2,500 sponsors three, half-days of Professional Development for 25-50 staff each.

$1,500 provides one year of art supplies to classes in Albuquerque and Santa Fe for Inside Out Arts.

$1,000 sponsors an experienced, creative art teacher for 40 individualized, small group art lesson.

$500 sponsors one “Talking Mental Health” booster lesson to four upper elementary, middle or high school classrooms.

Please spread the word about our stigma-busting organization so individuals and families facing the challenges of mental illness and suicide know they are not alone and will seek the help they need!