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Breaking the Silence New Mexico is a nonprofit organization that promotes mental health literacy, advocacy, and well-being for teens, youth, and adults through education and personal stories.  Our core programs share the goal of ending the stigma, shame, silence, and secrecy surrounding mental illness and suicide. 

Breaking the Silence New Mexico was founded as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2011. Our EIN# is 45-4188899. Our programs operate on a statewide basis throughout New Mexico and we are headquartered in Albuquerque.

Talking Mental Health

Talking Mental Health is a best practice, evidence-based interactive curriculum about mental illness awareness and suicide prevention that complements anti-bullying instruction, and drug and alcohol abuse prevention. Our curriculum reaches upper elementary, middle and high school classrooms around the state. It also includes Professional Development presentations to school staff and service providers, and Community Forums for the general public. MORE INFO»