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Community Forums

Community Forums are opportunities for families, parent-teacher associations, community leaders and the general public to learn about teen mental health, suicide, and stigma. Our 90-minute “Talking Mental Health” Forums are designed to fit the needs of each unique group.

Our focus… CHANGE the conversation around mental illness and suicide because research has shown that talking about our attitudes around mental illness and suicide reduces shame and stigma. When stigma is reduced individuals are more likely to seek the help they need just like they would for any other physical illness like diabetes or cancer.

Our goals:

  • Make it safe to talk about mental health in classrooms and communities
  • Promote an anti-bullying culture
  • Provide language to talk about this taboo subject
  • Replace stereotypes with facts and stigma with compassion

Topics include:

  • Myths vs facts surrounding mental illness and suicide
  • Different illnesses and warning signs
  • Stigma of mental illness and where it comes from
  • Mental health spectrum
  • Advocating for a family member or friend if they need help
  • Talking about suicide
  • Crisis line and website resources